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Profile picture of tannersnan

tannersnan posted a new activity comment 3 days, 6 hours ago

Don’t give up. I am not sure what all you have tried probably like my husband to much to list. So far we have only had temporary short term itch relief with Creve cream in jar for eczema. We aren’t giving up yet. Prayers for you.

Profile picture of Stefanie Bord

Stefanie Bord answered a question 3 days, 8 hours ago

Hi, Helen,

It sounds like the AD you have around your eyes is pretty severe! I don’t have AD around my eyes (at least not currently, though I have in the past), but I did need a laser surgery to seal up some holes/tears in my retina. I’ve had one surgery in each eye so far. The eye doctor said that the tears was from being extremely…

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