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5 Tips for Traveling with an AD Baby

All these tips will help make your trip a smooth and AD-free experience.

Bring your own:

Towels, washcloths, and sheets

Pack your own towels, washcloths, and sheets. Towels, washcloths, and sheets from your house can be washed in a safe, AD trigger-free laundry detergent of your choice with the appropriate amount of water. You can also be sure that clothing washed at your house does not have scented dryer sheets, fabric softener, or scent boosters. Whereas towels, washcloths, and sheets from a hotel or family member’s house may not have been washed in a gentler detergent with or may have been washed with scented dryer sheets, fabric softener, or scent booster which can irritate your child’s skin (or yours) or cause flare-ups.


Consistency is key to AD flare-up prevention. Using the same soap that works for you to help prevent flare-ups is important. Switching soaps or using hotel or other soaps can cause a great deal of irritation to your skin. Additionally, washing and thoroughly rinsing the tub prior to and after each use is a vital necessity for children (and adults) with atopic dermatitis. Leftover chemicals and residue in bathtubs can cause flare-ups and a multitude of other skin and health issues. Always better safe than sorry so spending a couple extra minutes cleaning a tub, no matter how clean it appears is more than worth the benefits.

Pack labeled moisturizers, creams, and ointments

Pack all labeled moisturizers and creams in a clear reusable makeup bag or container so that the bag that was used at the airport can also be used to carry directly into the bathroom with all needed materials. Labeling materials (with stick-on labels and permanent markers so that labels will not wash off) can prevent the guessing game. Having all moisturizers and creams in one bag can ensure a speedy application after bath time. Following a three-minute rule by applying all ointments/creams/moisturizers within three minutes of being out of the bathtub requires preparedness and precision. Also be sure to pack directions for prescription creams, just in case you have a babysitter or need for more (name will be on direction sheet as well).

Moisturize just before heading out

Anyone with eczema should moisturize well the night before trip and again just before going on the trip. As much moisturizing as possible should be done because changes in the environment (both inside a different house or hotel and outside weather, climate, pollen, allergens etc.) can cause irritation and flare-ups.  I would also suggest moisturizing shortly after arriving at your destination if possible to help skin retain moisture.

Pack some AD-friendly snacks

Packing snacks that are healthy and atopic dermatitis-friendly can be helpful as preventative methods. Some of those foods include apples, cherries, blueberries, kale, broccoli, spinach, and yogurts. Also minimizing foods that icrease the likelihood of flares such as eggs, cows milk (infants/babies should still get the amount suggested by their doctors), nuts, and soy as well as fast food and sugary foods such as soda, coffee, and cake.

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