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Feeling Deflated After An Appointment

Have you ever gone to an appointment and after it, it made you feel so crumby like you wished you didn’t go? That’s what has just happened to me. I tried doing the right thing, which has bitten me on the backside. But I still think what I did was right.

As a mother, I try and do everything best for my little boy. His skin was getting worse, and the plan set in place for him obviously wasn’t working. If anything, his skin was getting worse.

Harry's dermatologist's treatment plan

Harry’s dermatologist has been absolutely great and very helpful. However, we knew there was more to it than just keeping Harry away from certain places and things and constantly cleaning for his severe dust mite allergy. He kept telling me that everything I was doing was the right thing, to keep it up and that I needed to give myself a big pat on the back. But to me, that wasn’t enough.

Harry and I needed a change

Something needs to change. We can’t keep on house isolating him, applying creams every two hours, giving him so many antibiotics, steroid creams, or compound creams for his face, compound lotions for his scalp, anti-histamines, wet dressings for bed, and dry dressings throughout the day for every single day for the past 9 months. This routine isn’t just hard on poor little Harry, but it’s affecting the whole family. Even Harry’s mental state has changed so much (which really surprised me, considering he is 3 years old).

I got a second opinion

So because of this, I went for a second opinion. We told her about Harry’s strict skin routine. She changed it completely. It wasn’t as intense, and we are now applying creams less often (which is a big relief for me). He could now have daily showers and even go to more places. She was so proactive and even organized a plan with Harry’s immunologist for another treatment plan. His skin didn’t change that much. But it did improve a little.

How did his first dermatologist take it?

When I went to Harry’s first dermatologist, I told him that we got a second opinion to see if there was something else we could do for Harry. I told him the great news that Harry’s skin was getting a little better and that there was another plan. But his mood dropped drastically. He didn’t say it, but you could tell he was offended and unhappy with this. He told me I had to pick one dermatologist – “Me or her?” Whereas the dermatologist we got the second opinion from said that I could do what I want as they’re all a team trying to help Harry get better.

His reaction wasn't what I expected

Don’t get me wrong; Harry’s first dermatologist has been absolutely great and very helpful. However, we knew there was more to it than just keeping Harry away from certain places/things and constant cleaning. What happened wasn’t even that bad. But I was excited to tell him that there was a minor improvement in Harry’s skin, not thinking he would be all sour about it.

I left the appointment feeling both guilty and discouraged.

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