Food Allergy Testing for Eczema Elimination 

When we decided to try food allergy testing for eczema elimination, we looked at all the options. First off, if you read the blog about fighting food allergies and flares, then you know that my husband attempted a whole 30 type diet to eliminate foods. It lasted a few weeks with total restrictions, but due to travel for work, he was forced to add some ingredients back in. Then, although the food choices were tweaked over a 3-year period, we still ate mostly whole-food, prepared at home.

Allergy testing for eczema elimination

We had considered having the skin patch test done, but he wasn’t keen on seeing a dermatologist. His problem was minor compared to our teenage granddaughter. She’s dealt with multiple skin allergies since birth. While Joe has had lifelong eczema too, it’s restricted to his scalp and ear. He searched for websites that offered at-home testing. Sure enough, it was simple and affordable. He ordered a kit for us both immediately.

Should I even get allergy tested?

Let’s just start by saying that because of liver disease, I follow a healthy protein and low sodium meal plan. Hubby and I eat a similar diet. We’re pretty proud of our levels of cholesterol and energy. We initially thought that food allergy testing for atopic dermatitis or gut health might be an overkill where I was concerned. We attributed my eczema to liver disease. Oh my, we were in for a big surprise.

Our food allergy test results

Again, we’re eating healthy grains, cooking with coconut and olive oil, and feeling pretty darn proud of ourselves. Well, guess who ended up being allergic to eggs and almonds? Both of us. We went down through the list of highly reactive foods, and most of them were what we ate every day. For example, we were highly sensitive to both egg yolks and whites, along with several types of nuts. In addition, we were mildly reactive to certain fish, and veggies too. I was allergic to coconut oil too!

Making changes to our diet

It is helpful for us to know that almond milk is not good for either of us. Also, coconut oil should be avoided, at least in large quantities. The first few weeks, we did make those major changes. It’s been almost 2 months now. He has less flaking and itching and has also seen some improvement in his skin. He started using hemp milk in his shakes now. Yes, he’s allergic to rice products, including rice milk. Again, who knew?

Finding balance

Did I mention that neither one of us is allergic to dairy? After eating almond cheese for 2 years, we finally bought some hard sharp cheddar. It’s been an informative and very confusing time for us. Food allergy testing with atopic dermatitis was simple to do at home. We just got 3 drops of blood on a paper and mailed it in.

Finding food triggers

This is one of those things that will turn out to be worth it over the long run. We’ve since watched some videos about adjusting and finding food triggers with elimination diet, and personally feel that it will improve our overall immune system and gut health. It may not be right for everyone, and It may not clear up ALL skin issues, but it’s a step in the right direction.

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