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New Year, New Goals

As the new year approaches, everyone makes plans. Everyone makes resolutions and goals for the coming year. Most people make career goals, personal life goals, fitness, and health goals, etc. As caregiving and advocacy are the biggest parts of my life as a mother, I made some parenting goals for myself.


I reflected on the choices I made that I felt I did well as a parent as well as the choices I made that could have gone better. I also focused on the “how”. I thought about my next steps to reach my new goals. Some of the goals I created were goals to be a better advocate and caregiver in 2019. These goals this year revolved around promoting awareness and education for my daughter by providing her with “THE WHY.”

1. Healthy skin diet

My first commitment for 2019 will be to have a new and improved diet plan for my child and I, that includes more skin and body healthy foods. In 2018, I provided my child with many skin healthy foods, however, impromptu fast food occurrences were not unheard of nor were snacks.

Eating well with eczema

My goal is to be more prepared and have meals ready to go as well as model skin healthy foods by eating them myself rather than providing them for her and eating whatever I please. I will also explain to her what each food is as I did this year (2018). I will also be explaining what each food is good for, so that she can better understand why we eat what we eat and how it benefits us.


As parents, we tend to say this or that is good for you, but children benefit from specificity just as we do. I’m going to change that by creating an understanding and providing logic to my daughter to promote better choices.

2. Healthy skin routine

My second goal will be to promote and continue consistent skin routines. I will continue to provide her with shorter warm baths and use soaps, lotions, and creams that are best for her atopic dermatitis. I will also continue to inform her of what each cream is and where it should go on her body. I will also be more thorough about why each cream is used on each part.


My goal is for her to have a better understating of which creams to use, where, by understanding why. I also want her to understand when to use which creams and how different creams are required when an active flare-up is occurring or depending on the weather, season, and temperature, as well as daytime versus nighttime creams.

3. Advocacy for third parties

My third goal (finally yet importantly) is advocacy for others. I want to make sure that everyone who takes care of my child fully understands her condition and how to best help her and provide what she needs. In 2018, I made people aware of her creams and lotions. I educated them on her routines and my expectations for them.

New goals

In 2019, I want to educate people on her dietary needs and be grateful for care but less passive about what I accept, as she is being cared for. I want people to uphold and respect her needs and be proactive about preventing flare-ups rather than reducing or oversimplifying her condition or the flare-ups that result from a lack of proactive efforts at prevention.

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