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How We Fought Food Allergy Flares

My husband is at it again. Learn how we fought food allergy flares. After struggling with a lifetime of eczema on and around his scalp and ear, he never gives up on getting it cleared up. Of course, he’s using the standard topical steroid, coal tar shampoo, and every type of anti-inflammatory EVERYTHING in the bathroom cabinet. But this time, he’s serious about finding out if it’s diet-related. It’s not our first go-round.

How we fought food allergy flares

My husband has been working in the health food industry for many years. One of his greatest strengths is knowledge about supplements, vitamins, diets, and health aids.

Translation:We eat healthy and have a lot of products. In spite of that, one of his greatest frustrations is atopic dermatitis. He’s now convinced his skin ailments are caused by food, or perhaps are related to gut health.

Elimination diet

It’s been almost 3 years since he tried a 30 day, whole food only cleanse. This type of elimination diet is really meant to get rid of every single potential food allergen. It turned out to be too rigid, and only lasted about 2 weeks. Admittedly, his skin was somewhat clearer, and he didn’t need as much of his steroid cream. However, he dropped too much weight, so we started adding things back in slowly.

Re-introducing foods

We enjoy a variety of foods and cooking is fun at our house. Coming off his 2-week cleanse, we tried to make sure that most of our foods had one ingredient. We’re talking zero boxed foods, and no nutritional labels to read, except on our protein bars and shakes. We began combining and cooking a variety of meats and vegetables using top-quality ingredients. Herbs and seasonings gave everything a savory zest, and he felt better overall. However, that wasn’t sustainable.

Going paleo-ish

Pretty soon, we were finding paleo options for frozen pizza crusts, and gluten free chips and tortilla shells. It seemed as though every food show he attended for work introduced the more wheat flour replacements items into our kitchen. Many companies began producing almond and rice flour products. When it came to our fight against food allergy flares, we were in gluten-free heaven!

Eating meat

Although pea, whey, rice, and chia powders take up a lot of shelf space in our protein shake cabinet, we’re fish, eggs, beef, and chicken eaters too. He knew there was an allergen lurking somewhere because his skin was not clearing up totally. We talked about it and felt it wasn’t the meat. His frustration grew. I was going along with him for the most part, but also had little cheats here and there.

Where does fighting food allergy flares end?

Finally, we decided to both have food allergy testing done. The results were amazing. We couldn’t believe the foods that were triggering both of us. Within 24 hours, we had cleaned out our cabinets. We began a new experiment that would take us into social distancing with a kitchen full of new items that were allergy-free. The real test would be to see if his eczema cleared up after 60 days.

Find out what happens next for Karen and her husband in Food Allergy Testing for Eczema Elimination

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