Summer Eczema: Prepping for a Day Out

Last updated: June 2021

Sprinklers and splash parks are a fun way to celebrate summer fun. They're a great and simple way to have fun in the sun while staying cool at the same time. They're also a great alternative options for young kids who are water lovers but may be too young to gain many benefits from larger bodies of water.

Keeping skin safe in the summer

Needless to say, splash parks and sprinklers are quite popular among toddlers. Nothing keeps them cool on a hot day like splashing sprinklers and splash pads with their friends. Our sprinkler and splash park fun always begins with specific steps. These steps get us ready for our splash park fun while keeping our skin safe from the hot summer sun all in one.

Choosing swimwear with eczema

We start by picking out our swimsuits based on the particular details of the splash park's location as well as the weather. For sunnier days, we wear one-piece suits and cover-ups or shorts. For slightly less hot days or shadier splash parks, I pack my daughter's two-piece. Swimsuit options are also subject to change based on current flare-ups or irritation as well.

Choosing summer clothes with eczema

After swimsuits are selected, clothing for the day is selected. As most splash parks have other dry areas to play like playgrounds, extra clothes are always packed. I select the outfits of the day based on weather as well. For sunny days, I pick clothes that are least likely to cause or retain sweat. I also pack at least two extra outfits that do the same.

Packing a bag of must-haves

After extra clothes are packed, I double-check her diaper/day bag. Her bag generally already has extra clothes, diapers, shea moisture/sensitive skin wipes, and clothes as well as hydrocortisone, creams, and moisturizers.  I add hair products to clean and moisten her hair as needed. These also depend on what the particular location has with regard to changing area and shower.

Packing a cooler

Next, I pack our mini cooler. Inside our mini cooler, I pack several bottles of water, some large and some small. I also pack ice pops and Gatorade or Powerade or other drink with electrolytes such as water that contains it. At times, we also pack ice cream cups just for fun. Inside the cooler, I also put cool wash clothes for sweat prevention. As well as picnic food, if we are intending to have a picnic that day (also depending on location and what is permitted).

Sun safety

After all bags are packed and placed by the door to be put in the car, I put sunscreen and bug spray on my daughter. I intentionally save this step for last as sunscreen lasts approximately sixty to eighty minutes and bug spray likewise. I will often apply a minimal amount of bug spray and sunscreen prior to leaving the house then reapply more when we arrive at the water park due to the aforementioned time constraints or even just wait until we are at the park to apply.

After all steps are taken, we add a sun hat and sunglasses (sometimes) and my toddler is ready for her fun in the sun just like her friends!

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