Alexis Smith

”AtopicAlexis was previously a health leader on

Alexis has been living with atopic dermatitis ever since she was first diagnosed at age 12. Navigating middle school and high school was not the easiest task when most kids are already insecure and now we’re throwing a very visible face rash. Like many others with eczema, she has dealt with countless sleepless nights, a lot of ruined shirts, and an endless arsenal of unsuccessful moisturizers and creams.

After deciding she was tired of feeling like she was going through this alone, she started an account on Instagram, @eczemalove. What started out as a way to share treatments turned into a feed of spreading positivity in hopes of making others feel seen. Eczema is a chronic skin condition that is so incredibly common, it just didn’t make sense that so many people diagnosed with it felt like they were different.

Since starting her Instagram account, Alexis has had the opportunity to share her story (and unapologetically show her skin) on NEA’s digital billboard in Times Square, the front cover of People Health magazine, and in Dove’s Make Peace with Dry Skin campaign. Her goal is to normalize skin conditions and help others feel beautiful in the skin they’re in — itchy patches and all.

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