Cora Lyn Sears

”AtopicCora Lyn was previously a health leader on

Cora Lyn is an active senior, with two children and one grandchild. Now in her seventies, she still struggles with the eczema she’s had all her life, occasionally having months of remission, or even a year or two of barely noticeable outbreaks. She has now added macular degeneration to the mix as well.

She is a retired journeyman painter, a seamstress and photographer with a love of travel and enjoys (mostly) her 4 to 5 mile morning walks with a wonderful group of like-minded women. Unless the pollen, or heat, makes it too uncomfortable

Cora Lyn considers herself lucky to have a great relationship with her 21-year-old grandson, with whom she recently completed the first level of ballroom dance classes at the local community centre. He’s even ready to take the next level!

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