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KeTwanna Young

”AtopicKeTwanna was previously a health leader on

KeTwanna Young was born in Charlotte, North Carolina. Her experiences with teachers and schools as a student (and sister to students) in the Charlotte Mecklenburg School System inspired her to become a teacher in that school system herself. KeTwanna teaches first grade in CMS.

Three months ago, KeTwanna gave birth to a beautiful baby girl. With the joys of motherhood come the challenges as well. One of the greatest challenges for her thus far has been her child, Tamia's atopic dermatitis. Growing up, KeTwanna experienced mild episodes of eczema on her face and arms, but her siblings experienced much greater challenges with much more severe atopic dermatitis.

In the past couple months, her daughter has also begun to experience some of those more severe struggles. KeTwanna is hoping that joining the atopic dermatitis community will provide opportunities for her to get to know other patients and caregivers of patients who are experiencing AD, in hopes of learning more and gaining a better support and understanding of atopic dermatitis. She believes this greater understanding will provide more solutions and results in the treatment of her daughter's AD, as well as all those in the community she is able to reach.

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