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Elizabeth R. Lebowitz is a Registered Nurse for over forty years. She has worked in busy metropolitan Medical Centers in a variety of Nursing and Administrative positions. Liz began her professional career as a staff nurse, went on to be a Nurse Recruiter and Employment Manager of a large city hospital, to recent retirement as the Lead School Nurse for a Long Island School District.

During those years, her favorite happy place was always the beach. Early in her teens, obtaining a tan was the summertime goal.

Liz is now vigilant about preventing further sun damage to herself. In her last position as a busy High School Nurse there was always a vast audience to educate early in an effort to change the culture of sun worshipping embodied in the form of surfers, lifeguards and bathers.

Over the years, all skin issues find their way to the School Nurse spanning all age groups. Now with this website for Atopic Dermatitis, the focus is geared toward that which is more intrinsic, coming from within the body due to inflammatory processes. As with many medical issues, using proactive and preventive strategies, early recognition and intervention, as well as, treatment by health care professionals, comfort and outcomes will be enhanced.

Her own experience with Atopic and Contact Dermatitis may be considered mild given possibilities, but brought much discomfort during bouts. Finding a trusted dermatologist and following medical guidelines ushered abundant relief.

As a newly retired Nurse this summer, she is looking forward to joining Health Union’s new site, Atopic Dermatitis, to remain active in her advocating that “good health is your true wealth!”

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