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How do you stay connected with friends, loved ones, and other eczema warriors?

Whether it’s opening up about the insecurities that eczema creates, the frustration of itching and scratching, or something unrelated to eczema, we all feel overwhelmed from time to time. How do you connect with friends, loved ones, and other eczema warriors?

  1. i facetime people i love and play board games with my family! i also hang out with my dog to lift both her spirits and mine. i've been reading some good books and drawing flowers on my whiteboard, just generally doing everything i can to keep myself preoccupied during this time of social distancing! i have been a little stressed, ngl, and this stress caused my eczema to flare up quite a bit. however, by practicing self care, constantly moisturizing, and always staying hydrated, i've managed to keep my flareup under control!

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