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Dating with AD & TSW

I'm curious to hear about other people's experiences with dating and how you navigate it dealing with atopic dermatitis and/or TSW? With online dating nowadays (which I find super strange still, by the way), I feel like it can be even more tricky. Are you upfront with the person about your condition, do you just let them see it when it gets to that point, how do you approach it? Or if you aren't currently dating, how would you if you were? Any thoughts, advice, experiences welcome! 😀

  1. I am in relationship with my boyfriend for 3,5 years now and I started TSW when we already lived together and before TSW. So because of medicine I was being aggressive, and I started being aggressive towards people around me same goes to my boyfriend and my parents, you can say I was abusive, because my mental health was draining due AD and steroids affects. I started throwing stuff around, beating my bf as cruel as it sounds. So I got into "special hospital" if you know what I mean. But my boyfriend didn't left me. He always was there for me, same with my parents. Still being in day hospital, I started TSW. My boyfriend stayed awake with me for nights, even if he had to go to work, he bandaged my wounds, bought all supplies we needed, was going with me to public and he got drained same as I did, but he was really strong. So I believe he really loves me, because if not he would already have left me on a day I started being abusive, but I do really love him. I feel guilty for being that cruel towards people, even because of medicine, it was still me. So that is my little story.

    1. aww thank you so much for sharing. That is so sweet, and it sounds like he is a keeper! I totally feel you on the aggression and anger, I was exactly the same way towards people around me, especially during TSW. Unfortunately my parents got the brunt of it, but I'm so grateful they were always here for me and never held it against me. I spent a long time feeling guilty as well, and have had to work on self forgiveness for that as well, so I completely relate. But don't forget we always do the best we can at the time, and TSW is just an incredibly difficult thing to go through, as is just going through health issues in general. I am sure your parents and boyfriend both understand as they saw you go through it, and love you very much. So don't beat yourself up! We are always our own worst critics. But we are all human and allowed to have feelings and make mistakes - that's how we learn and grow 😀 -Nina ( Team Member)

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