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Eye skin help!

Just finishing a bout with Bacterial pink eye accompanying a respiratory infection. The skin on my eyelids an below my eyes took a hit.
Any suggestion for gentle moisturizers safe for that area once the bacterial infection has cleared? My usual daily lotion is Cetaphil, but I've been laying off anything but water and the antibiotic eye drops in the meantime.

  1. sorry to hear what you've been experiencing. Nina Ajdin wrote an article about eyelid eczema flare up. If you haven't already read it, it may resonate with you. Perhaps, commenting on that article as well may be a good idea, for tips that has worked for others? Hope that your appointment with the NP will go well. Let us know how you are doing. Be well, Chava B. ( Moderator

    1. thanks for that link to Nina's post. Interesting to see how things went for her with viral conjunctivitis and the accompanying skin symptoms. Similar to mine re nasty irritation elements. Guess we're covering a couple pathogenic causes, since mine was definitely bacterial. Yep, the effectiveness of 7 days of antibiotic eye drops (thanks, Polysporin), and confirmation by my NP check✔ the bacteria box. I'm now on a week of Amoxicillin for the lingering respiratory symptoms.
      Good news is that the eye skin flare up went away once the pink eye stopped discharging white goop and crusting over. Guess my skin's not a fan of bacterially inspired "eye pus" 🤪.

    2. Yes always best when experiencing something new or different to have it looked and by a health care provider as soon as you can. Glad to hear that your on the road to recovery now!! All the best, Chava ( Moderator & Contributor

  2. thanks for your thoughtful input. Seems I oughta get out of my usual shut-in mode and take a trip to our neighbouring mall (which has a Sephora store).
    At this point, the eye infection is done, and my eye skin no longer resembles a raw, crusty lizard. Still, going forward, I think I should invest some more time & energy into potential alternative skin care options for that area. I'll be looking at the ones you mentioned, Teresa 🙂
    Will be seeing my Nurse Practitioner today for a check re the respiratory infection🤬 that caused it all. We'll see if she thinks it's also worth a trip to the dermatologist for follow up. "Hey doc, take a look at my now perfectly healthy looking skin!".
    Take care

    1. You're very welcome! Haha, certainly worth a try!

      That's awesome that you've healed your eye infection and skin! I hope you find something that works for you regardless of location. I actually recently happened to write an article on how I test-drive new skincare products, which, if interested, you can check out here:

      7 Steps To Test If New Skincare Products Work for Eczema -

      Hopefully there's something in there that will be helpful for you to discern what products will work better/best for you and save some money as well before investing in anything long-term.

      Haha, that's a good point as well. Totally up to you. I find that licensed aestheticians with great reviews for sensitive skin/eczema seem to also be great options for professionals to look into with skincare.

      Please let us know if you find anything worthwhile skincare brand-wise! Take care as well and godspeed on your findings! - Teresa (Moderator & Contributor)

  3. Hi and thank you for your question! While we cannot prescribe anything and suggest consulting with a doctor before trying anything new with your skincare routine, I have heard good things about Skinfx at Sephora which is made for people with eczema. I think First Aid Beauty might also be another line worth looking into. I highly suggest checking the ingredients list as well to make sure you're not allergic to anything. Possibly also to consult with an aethetician since they focus on skincare a lot, too. Good luck! - Teresa (Moderator & Contributor)

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