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how is your skin doing?

My skin has been healing very well.
Although I have been feeling so tired.
I feel like my skin has been going through a lot but now finally healing.

  1. I am glad to see you have been healing, and hope you have continued to since this post! I've been the same thankfully - healing very well, slowly but surely. Still some ups and downs but nothing too severe, thankfully. I'm excited for fall though, as my skin tends to do worst in the summer! Hope you are still doing well. All the best, Nina

    1. I dont recall if I ever wrote on here......Anyway I have excema on my arms and body here and there but seems to be creeping up more and more. So far none on my face or neck. More under arm area bottom of arms, back and who knows I know there is some in places I can't see. The creams my dermatologist prescribed I am not using so much now during the summer. I must get in to see him soon. Its so hot now I try and stay out of the sun. Also on my lower leg close to the ankle but not there yet. Doc prescribed a steriod cream and that's it. Is there anything else you out there in net land has used?

      1. I am glad you were able to find something that is helping you now. I hope you are able to see a dermatologist soon and they are able to help out as well. Yes it has been hot where I live too and I have been wearing shorts. As long as you are comfortable wear what you like people most of the time aren't even noticing at our so called "flaws". Also, if you prefer with your doctor maybe you can do a tele-health visit? So you wouldn't have to go into the office. Keep in touch would love to hear how you are doing! 😀 ~Daisy AD Moderator

      2. Yes, whatever works for you and your skin is always best. I am glad you are getting some relief!

    2. Really happy to hear your skin is healing well - My facial eczema is healing well but I'm struggling to control it on my wrists, legs, and body. Why do you think you are feeling so tired? over worked? the jabs? All the best - Pete

      1. My legs have been the worst lately!
        other than that I am doing well. What are you currently using for your skin if you do use something>?

        I think work, house and just trying to keep up with everything.

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