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What type of humidifier do you use?

From our inbox: Has anyone tried any humidifiers or have ideas?

  1. I have a Dyson fan next to my bedside and a Meaco system which I use around the apartment.

    1. Late reply here BUT in case anyone else asks or was wondering - I have had the Renwood brand for the whole house for years and it's helped so much! I was just suggesting it to someone the other day on a Facebook post for winter months.

      I don't think they make that brand anymore as we got it a few years back, but there is a new one called Aircare that is pretty much the same one as I have. Mine is good for the whole house and lasts about 24 hours - fits 12-13 gallons at once. It's been a lifesaver for me during winter! -Nina ( Team Member)

      1. Thank you for sharing your recommendations here!!! Hearing which kinds you've tried is SO helpful! -Sarah ( Team Member)

      2. I tried all sorts of different kinds over the years and ended up throwing away so much money. I even had a little mini one at some point that could sit on my nightstand. It was cute, but none of them did too much for me until I invested in the one for the whole house. Well worth the investment for me though! I know a lot of people benefit from just the regular sized ones for their room too though. Probably doesn't help I live close to Chicago, the air is SUPER dry in the winter!

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