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Recently diagnosed with Impetigo

Hi all, I am currently getting over the weirdest skin infection I have ever had. I plan to write about it in my next article, but I was wondering if anyone knows or has ever contracted impetigo? My doc out me on antibiotics and a nasal ointment to reduce the sore and painful symptoms. Can it come back?

  1. Sorry you were dealing with this! Are you doing better now?

    1. Thank you!! I'm much better now thanks. Since coming off the antibiotics my skin is starting to flare again but hopefully, it is my body getting rid of the toxins from the meds. onwards n upwards!

    2. glad you at least got rid of the infection - I noticed you weren't around as much then and was hoping you were okay. Good to see you are doing a bit better 😁

  2. OH man, I'm so sorry you have this. It's so painful. I think it can come back and it's really contagious so make sure you have your own flannel and towel and don't share. I think I used tea tree oil on mine, diluted in aloe vera. Hope it heals up soon.

    1. Thank you @whatallergy - thanks for the flannel and towel tip. Thankfully the antibiotics have cleared the infection. Now I have to pray it doesn't come back. Stay safe! Pete ( Team Member)

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