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Mango butter for eczema

Has anyone tried mango butter before?
if so, how did you skin feel like after using the product. I had bought some at the store the other day and seemed like my skin liked it.

I ran out of it and ended up going to try a new mango butter but my skin did not like it. I am thinking it is because of the added ingredients the second product had?

  1. I haven’t tried mango butter before but I suspect it is similar to shea butter which I used to use on my face everyday. It is very greasy & thick. Now I use a different product - a thick natural moisturiser with ceramides. I agree that less is often more when it comes to ingredients.

    1. I recently had an allergic reaction after eating mangos, and have never had that issue before (though I don't eat them often anyway). But it is crazy how the body and allergies can change too. So needless to say, I stay away because of that! I'm sorry your skin didn't like the second one! I definitely find in general when there are more added ingredients in anything, my skin doesn't react as well, so I am betting that would be it! -Nina ( Team Member)

      1. interesting information. I read also that if you have a birch pollen allergy, you may react to mangoes. Same for a latex sensitivity. So many things are related! All the best, Cora Lyn, Team Member

      2. that’s so interesting! I’ve never had issues with either of those but apparently mangoes just don’t like me 😂 fascinating how so many things are connected though.

    2. Thank you for starting this discussion. That's frustrating your second product didn't help as much as the first. What brand was it? -Sarah ( Team Member)

      1. Hey sarah, I do not remember the brand name. I just remember that the one that worked for me I bought at Ross. The one that didn't work was bought from a local grocery store which sells natural products and vegan as well.

      2. That's so interesting the one from Ross worked better! I'm curious to hear other people's suggestions if they have any! -Sarah ( Team Member)

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