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What “must have” eczema fighting items do you carry in your bag?

What items do you never leave home without that help in the event of an atopic eczema flare or help prevent a flare when you are out and about?

  1. I am just now getting flare-ups. I was diagnosed about age 40 and it has not really bothered me until now at age 69 - soon to be 70. Most of it is on my back and under my arms. So I am having to figure out what to do about my back itching. I am having trouble finding pajamas to wear to bed. Hard to find cotton ones.

    1. paumac, I'm sorry to hear of the flare ups you are getting now 🙁 It sounds like you have been through a lot, having been diagnosed since age 40. I also hope you have success in finding cotton pajamas. I encourage you to start a new forum about where to find cotton clothes to see what type of suggestions you might get from the community. You can start a new forum here: -Sarah ( Team Member)

  2. Nav says she carries pocket size CeraVe, Aquaphor, bandages, and some additional items in her article here: Hope this helps! I look forward to hearing what others carry with them!

    -Sarah ( Team Member)

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