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Need pressure on stomach when laying facing up?

Anyone else have this issue?

Been having this since I was a kid.

Every time I go to sleep, and only when I'm facing up (which is my preferred sleeping position to start with, then end up on my side as my sleep progresses)

I have a stiff tummy, almost as if my digestion is not optimized.
Putting pressure on my stomach really helps and calms me down almost immediately.
With just a downward pressure applied on my stomach, it obviously moves around any food I've had, water I might have drank, and would make noises as it moves around.
I get this even when I don't eat or drink anything for that matter.
More than 90% of the time, it's only on my left side of the belly button.

Tried everything from having someone step on my stomach to putting weight plates on.
Realizing that I need at least 25 #s of weight for it to be effective.
No kneading or movement necessary. I just need a down ward pressure.

It's so bizarre. But I've had this my whole life.

Only time I didn't need this was when I was on dupixent for a year. Had some complications so had to come off of it.

Anyone else have this issue at all? I am certain it is AD related.

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