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Need pressure on stomach when laying facing up?

Anyone else have this issue?

Been having this since I was a kid.

Every time I go to sleep, and only when I'm facing up (which is my preferred sleeping position to start with, then end up on my side as my sleep progresses)

I have a stiff tummy, almost as if my digestion is not optimized.
Putting pressure on my stomach really helps and calms me down almost immediately.
With just a downward pressure applied on my stomach, it obviously moves around any food I've had, water I might have drank, and would make noises as it moves around.
I get this even when I don't eat or drink anything for that matter.
More than 90% of the time, it's only on my left side of the belly button.

Tried everything from having someone step on my stomach to putting weight plates on.
Realizing that I need at least 25 #s of weight for it to be effective.
No kneading or movement necessary. I just need a down ward pressure.

It's so bizarre. But I've had this my whole life.

Only time I didn't need this was when I was on dupixent for a year. Had some complications so had to come off of it.

Anyone else have this issue at all? I am certain it is AD related.

  1. sorry this is kind of a late reply, but I have something similar, although don't think it's quite as intense as I don't need that much weight on it. I have always slept on my side because of this. I've had it since I was a kid and developed celiac disease at 4 years old, so I have always had digestion issues in general since that and assumed it's related. I also had gone through severe malnourishment at the time and had an inflammation of both my large and small intestines, and doctors then basically said my digestive system would never go back to "normal" after that damage occurred.

    So for me it is not directly related to AD per say, but is due to another autoimmune issue, so maybe there is something to that. For me, it's also an anxiety issue though, and I've found in general I'm more comfortable when there is something pressing against my tummy (even laying on my side). I found a weighted blanket to help, but haven't been using it lately due to the heat. Did you ever find out what this could be for you? -Nina ( Team Member)

    1. apologies for my late reply also. didn't see this till now. lol
      i never found out. it's certainly a mystery to me.
      I've been on dupixent for a couple of years now and haven't had the stomach thing while i;ve been on this drug. I'm supposed to start a new drug called Rinvoq real soon. Maybe I'll post an update about the drug here soon.
      I sure hope you feel better soon. We're all struggling with this stuff, aren't we?

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