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Photo Share! What skincare products are you using?

Lotion bottles

Snap a photo of your current skincare lineup and share it in this thread!

  1. I used to get dry patchy skin in the same place on my face! Everytime I shaved dry skin would fall off and it would bleed and get inflamed and kinda ooze.....nasty!!! It just started randomly out of nowhere! For over 5 years I dealt with it! My wife ordered this for me to try and I have not had anymore dry patchy skin and my face looks like a baby!!! It's been months now! It's a big bottle and it's CHEAP! Under 15$!! Life saver!! If anybody else tries it let me know if it saved you as well!

    1. Thanks SO much for your reply! Sounds like this moisturizer was a Godsend for you. You must be so thankful to have found this! I'm glad it's not too hard on the wallet either...big plus! Appreciate you sharing with us. I have no doubts this info and photo will help someone. Take care, -Sarah ( Team Member)

    2. where did you purchase this product?

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