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Relief for Stinging Sensation

Do you ever feel a stinging sensation on your skin? For example, when bathing or applying moisturizers? When do you usually feel it and how do you find relief?

  1. yes I get the stinging sensation from going in the ocean. It is the worst! It’s like I’m torturing myself. Now I only go in up to my knees. I can tolerate that.

    1. @SarahWalin - honestly every time, I get into the shower! But luckily after about 30secs, the stinging subsides.

    2. Thanks for sharing what helps you, Pete. -Sarah ( Team Member)

  2. oh yesssss. Mine is usually when I shower now, though it used to be a lot more often. It used to be so bad during TSW that I was prescribed Gabapentin for the pain. Thankfully, not nearly that severe now.

    For me personally, sometimes ice can help, but the most help I’ve found is using Skullcap as a supplement - great plant for nerve pain and nerve healing and regeneration in general. It can also help with anxiety due to this as it acts on the whole central nervous system. It was a game changer for me! -Nina ( Team Member)

    1. I actually learned about it years back when I started studying all sorts of different herbal remedies after starting TSW. Nothing “official” as far as the learning, I was just curious and quite involved in the herbal/CBD community at the time and was an advocate for plant use in general for healing purposes.
      Then, when I started Traditional Chinese Medicine treatment with a practicioner a few years ago, I found the herb was actually added to a bunch of my formulas for the same reason - it’s very common for it to be used in TCM evidently, especially for skin issues. So I found that pretty interesting! But yes, definitely consult your doctor before use if you are curious to try it as with anything else just to make sure. -Nina ( Team Member)

    2. Interesting how it came up during your research for TSW remedies and then again when starting TCM! Thanks for sharing with me! Really glad you've found relief from it. -Sarah ( Team Member)

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