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Have you found any holiday scented products that do not irritate?

The holiday season is approaching, which means holiday scented products are EVERYWHERE! These products are often irritating for those who have eczema or sensitive skin.

Have you found holiday scented products that do not irritate your skin? Please share about them below.

  1. I have not. In my family, we just don’t give scented things. Period. If you really really want to give something scented, I suggest going with handmade soap that is scented only with natural herbs or spices like lavender flowers or basil. But even then, you may have to talk to the person who makes the soap. I’ve found that some of them claim they’re only uses herbs but actually they’re using “essential oils” with a bit of herbs thrown for esthetic reasons. And it’s that oil which my skin reacts to so vehemently.

    An alternative, if you still really want something with a holiday scent, is to get a Starbucks gift card. With this, the recipient can get some wonderfully seasonally smelling coffee!

    1. Thanks for your response . Scent-free is probably the way to go for most people with sensitivities! Those natural scents you listed sound lovely. That's unfortunate the essential oils do not mix well with your skin. I know some people find certain ones helpful for eczema.

      Love that suggestion to get a Starbucks gift card as a gift! They have so many beverage options, you're sure to find something good there (I like the peppermint flavor this time of year!).

      -Sarah ( Team Member)

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