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Skin seems irritated, not itching

Dear people, this is my first post on here so bear with me.

July 10th I had slept with a female which (back then I wasn't aware) had scabies.

One month after that she texted me (I was on vacation) with this great news.. Since I was on vacation I didn't have access to the right treatment products (i.e., Permethrin).

2 weeks later, I came back home and went to buy permethrin to smear on my body from the chin down. After that, changed my sheets and clothes. Next day, after 15h had passed, I took a hot shower, scrubbing my body aggressively.

1 week after this, I have repeated the treatment. Now, exactly 2 weeks after the 2nd treatment, my body still itches. Sometimes I wake up noticing new "pimples" - or it's just in my head - idk anymore.

Yesterday I noticed a red area inbetween my hip and my groin (see pictures). It looks like the skin is irritated?

I started taking hot showers before I go to bed (instead of when I wake up), since I read scabies surface on the skin at night (thus itching starts).

How do the pictures look like to you? Should I be concerned?

Am planning to buy a third dose of 5mg permethrin. Is that a good idea?

Thank you a lot in advance! I am starting to get really frustrated.

Note: the pics are taken zoomed in, with a second phone flashing and creating shadow so you can see the pimples.

  1. Hi Joseph,
    So sorry no one has replied to this for you. I am one of the new moderators.
    I am not a doctor, but I do feel for you. The itching can be such a pain. Have you seen a doctor? It may help to see a medical professional for this, especially if it is being persistent. Perhaps the hot showers and scrubbing could be irritating it and making it worse.

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