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Skincare Products

what skincare products do you use that are unscented for your eczema? facial cleansers? body washes? lotions?


    1. Thank you.

  2. I use body scrubs for eczema. this is handmade using organic, natural, and vegan ingredients. I use it and feel better now. I bought it from the Likeitontop website.

    1. thank you for sharing! I've never heard of this particular line, I will have to check it out! -Nina ( Team Member)

    2. Thanks for sharing. I'm going to look into this!

  3. I like to use Bioderma atoderm losion,La Roche Posay Baume AP+M,handmade goat milk soap,Balea MED Ultra Sensitive gel for face wash,glycerine,cocoa butter

    1. Thanks for sharing these. This is very helpful!

    2. You're welcome 😊

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