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What can I do to relieve the terrible itching

My scalp is driving me crazy 🤪! It never stops, itching and flaking. Can I take anything over the counter? A shampoo?

  1. I've been fighting the itching and flacking on my scalp, eyebrows, face, and ,my mouth and lips. When anything warm hits my lips, they express ate puss fluid much like what you see withs whiteheads. Also , dead skin that is impossible to get rid of . Every time I eat, these puss bumps appear. Also, when I leave , my car to go to my doctors appts OTC product and prescription medication , I believe anyway. To no avail.
    Clebrette Lubojaskuy

    1. ugh I hear how difficult and frustrating this must be to deal with! Have any of these products been helpful to you? Best, Sam S. (Atopic Dermatitis team).

  2. I go through the head itching ugh

    1. Hello , I can relate so well to your symptom. It is so irritating and annoying! May I ask what your doctor has recommended? My dermatologist recommended using SEEN shampoo and conditioner. I have found that to be helpful but rather expensive. I alternate with generic dandruff shampoo and thankfully the benefit has not lessened. We are not alone with this issue. Here are other articles that may be of interest: Please let us know your thoughts... Sending healing hugs, Liz - - Site Moderator

  3. I had to get my hair done to, find out, I have a problem!lol!

    1. Thanks I sure will! I had, no idea I had it! I went to the hairstyles and found out!wow! That's crazy 🤪!

      1. I am glad you had an observant hairstylist. Bless her for insight! I have learned from others here, and on our other health sites, that many health issues have been initially seen by our hairstylists, nail technicians and physical trainers/gym staff. Bless them all... Happy you'll stay in touch with us. Sending healing hugs, Liz - - Site Moderator

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