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What do you do during a flare?

Hi! Recently I just recovered from a pretty nasty cold and since I wasn't able to keep up with my usual diet & treatment I'm going through a nasty little flare. I was wondering what others do during their flares, either for pure comfort or treatments!

  1. Currently going through a flare. My wrists and arms are particularly bad. Trying to get on top of it by drinking lots of water and eating well, although I have slipped a bit with my diet.

    1. Personally, I apply a warm compress on the affected areas. My flare ups are usually around my sweat glands ie arms behind the legs and occasionally my neck. Also, I apply hydrocortisone to those affected areas and I decompress and distract myself with things so I wont find myself itching those areas. My comfort areas are listening to music, motivational videos, checking in with friends or spending alone time stretching and getting myself in a calm state. I hope this helps! Anthony ( Team Member)

      1. this is a great question since we all cope so differently, I imagine! I know I personally have to get a lot more rest during a flare up, and that includes meditation, time in nature, etc. Any way to decrease my stress helps, essentially. Also, lots of ICE for the itching, and antihistamines if needed. Other than that, a big thing for me has been acceptance and just learning to ride the ups and downs of this condition and do my best to accept and embrace all parts of it. -Nina ( Team Member)

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