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What foods are most kind to your skin?

If I'm flaring I find that eating foods that are low in sodium and acidity tend to help my skin heal. Fresh fruit and veg like, Avocado, broccoli, Spinach,Kale, apples, Melon etc. Fish works well for me too, salmon, Haddock are great because they are rich in omega 3, 6, 9 oils. What works for you?

  1. I find natural sugars like maple syrup and dates are better than processed sugar. Oily fish, like sardines and mackerel. It's a bit of a detective job as we may all react to different things but tomato and celery are triggers for me to get itchy.

    1. oh yes, I forgot to mention refined sugar. Deffo no no for me too!! I'm the same with tomatoes too but interesting that celery causes you to itch. There's so many things we have to watch out for. 🤪😭

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