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What to do, when nothing works

I have atopic dermatitis all over body, prescription creams, shampoos, nothing helps, HELP

  1. , it can be so frustrating when nothing helps. Many others in this community have been there too. You almost just want to throw your arms up! Has your medical team made any suggestions?

    We did create a special section of our site called, "What Else Can I Do?" where you can find some alternative treatment ideas ( Also one of our writers shared her advice for resetting when nothing works (

    I hope this helps and that you do find something that helps soon!

    -Sarah ( Team Member)

    1. The only ointment I found that helped was a prescription of pro topic if that's any help. And apparently a low level of vitamin d makes it worse.

      1. , Thanks for sharing with . Glad that pro topic ointment helps you. We appreciate you lending your support! -Sarah ( Team Member)

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