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How do you get your doctor to take your issues seriously?

My PCP says things like "it will go away. Use OTC itch cream. Stop wearing jewelry. Watch what I eat."

  1. This is an awesome question, itchyscratchy. I look forward to hearing what works for others when communicating with their doctor. -Sarah ( Team Member)

    1. honestly? Get a new doctor. I really mean that. But if that’s absolutely not an option, I would spend some time talking to your PA about it and really print out some material about what you are going through. The PAs usually have much more time than the doctors to talk and listen. So then you. can convince them and have them on your side when the doctor comes in. It’s ridiculous that your doctor does not believe you, but honestly this is a rough road(pun intended) and we are our own best advocate.

      I realize I’m answering your question a year later(to be fair, I was just hired! lol) but truly do hope that you either have a new doctor or have changed your doctor’s mind! Please let us know!

      -Linette Roungchun (Atopic Dermatitis Site Moderator)

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