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Let’s Make It Clear - It’s Not “Just Eczema”

If you have atopic dermatitis also known as eczema, it can feel like no one quite understands what you're going through. Often people think of eczema as just a skin condition, but it is much more than skin symptoms. Atopic dermatitis requires daily attention and care. All the energy and time put forth to preventing a flare can feel like a full-time job. While skin symptoms can be frustrating and embarrassing, there can be other non-visual symptoms like pain, fatigue, anxiety and depression that make the condition more complicated than just itchy and red skin.

Diagnosed with eczema and other types of dermatitis

While atopic dermatitis is thought to be a disease that affects primarily children, there are individuals who don’t have any symptoms until they are an adult. Atopic dermatitis sometimes may be misdiagnosed, which can leave a patient not getting the proper treatment they need. People can also have more than one type of eczema or dermatitis, which can make treatment more complex. Common complications in addition to atopic dermatitis include allergic contact dermatitis or seborrheic dermatitis.

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Another day, another eczema flare

Atopic dermatitis is a chronic condition that currently has no cure and can be a difficult and challenging condition to live with on a daily basis. Most people cycle through periods of flare-ups and remission. For some people, flares may occur frequently and have longer durations, which can have an impact on the quality of one’s life.


The unpredictable nature of eczema

Atopic dermatitis is an unpredictable condition to live with. While there are moments when people experience remission (when symptoms get better or the person is free of symptoms) there are also times when atopic dermatitis flares (when symptoms are worse) and it can often be challenging to determine what caused the flare to occur.

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Eczema impacts all areas of quality of life

The unpredictable nature can cause stress, worry, and frustration which can impact someone’s self-confidence, mental well-being and overall quality of life.


Eczema feels out of control

From over-the-counter products to home remedies and prescription medications, there are so many ways to try and manage the symptoms of atopic dermatitis. Since atopic dermatitis affects each person so uniquely the process of finding what helps ease symptoms like itching, burning, red rash and dry skin can take time and may take a lot of trial and error.

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The cost of living with eczema

Atopic dermatitis can have a financial toll, from doctor's visits to prescriptions to over-the-counter flare care items and don’t even get us started on moisturizers- this all adds up. The costs are not just medical. There are costs associated with home treatment of the condition and time away from work for those who either have or take care of someone with atopic dermatitis.

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The Atopic Dermatitis in America 2018 survey was conducted online from April through July of 2018, 404 people completed the survey.

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