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My 3 Favorite Dollar(ish) Items That Save My Skin

Having eczema or any skin condition can be super expensive. You have multiple trips to the dermatologist, expensive prescription creams; the list goes on…so I thought I would list a few of my favorite things that are about $1-2 each and are vital to my skin and sanity!

Back scratcher

Wow, I wish I had invented these miraculous little things. I buy them in a 4-pack on Amazon for just $6 or so. The first time I got them I was amazed - they extend! (I say the first time because, like everything else in my house, they seem to disappear, so I’ve ordered them several times already! Just be careful you don’t step on one - if you catch the claw part - ouch!) Anyway, do you ever get an itch on a hard-to-reach area, like the middle of your back? No matter which way you try to scratch it, you can’t reach it. These back scratchers are a miracle! You can scratch your back anytime you need, as lightly or as rough as you would like (I would recommend taking it easy!) I keep a few at home. I also keep one in my purse and one in my car - why am I always itchy while driving?


I have used Vaseline on chapped lips for as long as I can remember, but till recently, I only had these giant tubs of it that I kept on my dresser. But now, you can find these adorable little jars of Vaseline at a pharmacy or dollar store. When my lips feel dry and chapped, I just put a little bit of Vaseline on, and it helps soothes them right away. I keep one of these in my purse at all times, too.

Hand cream

Last but not least! Especially in the cold and dry winter months, the air can be brutal on your skin. If I don’t apply hand cream multiple times a day, my skin quickly turns red, dry, and itchy, not to mention those little cracks on the sides of my fingers that can be downright painful. Like the back scratchers, my hand creams tend to disappear, too - maybe that’s from having three girls, or maybe there’s a ghost with eczema living in my house. So I like to stock up on travel-sized tubes of hand creams. The brand does not matter so much as remembering to use it. I pick them up at the pharmacy where I work, or the dollar store, and keep some at home and some in my purse. When my skin is extra irritated, I’ll look for an unscented or sensitive skin hand cream. Sometimes I’ll even wake up in the middle of the night to use the bathroom, and on my way back to bed, I feel that my hands are dry, and I just apply a little bit of hand cream.

Finding products that won't break the bank

Although having a skin condition can put a massive dent in your bank account, there are also little tips and tricks you can use to soothe your skin that won’t break the bank! What products do you use that are inexpensive yet effective?

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