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What We've Learned From Sharing Our Eczema Stories

Despite how hard it can be to talk about eczema, our advocate team has found the courage to share their experiences on Though there are some challenges that come with writing about those experiences, it can also be a cathartic and rewarding experience.

The Editorial Team at wanted to ask our advocates what advice they would share with someone who was interested in sharing their experiences, and this is what they said:

You'll look at things differently

Cora Lyn: Try it! You might be amazed at how it makes you look at things in a different way. Make you question more, think more. Personal reflection is always a good thing. This could be the start of something new. New attitude, new self-knowledge, maybe even a new career.

You have something special to share

Peter: Yes, you are inspiring, you are special, you are unique and your experience will motivate someone and will encourage them to move and be a better person. Everyone has a special gift they can share that will help others who are in need.

You'll get comfortable sharing your story

Ashley: The first share will always be the toughest, but just know that the more you share, the more comfortable you become. Becoming an advocate takes passion, courage, and vulnerability. So fall in love with sharing who you REALLY are, step outside of your comfort zone, and always remain true to you. Becoming an advocate is earned, not given.

There are different ways you can share

Karen: Many people feel alone with their skin problems. An advocate's story brings an understanding to an ailment that can cause fear, embarrassment, or stigma. Writing about the everyday things that you do is useful. Think about your story in steps and make it a narrative essay. First, this happened, and when that happened, and finally this worked, or didn't work. Another way is to write out steps to solve a problem with your skin or steps you take daily with your routine. Every person has their own personal ideas and your skincare tip might be just what someone else has needed to hear about.

Learn from others in the community

Harrison: Keep an open mind and learn from each other in the community. Chances are we don't know everything and we might learn something new. Regardless of your state of eczema, sharing your experiences to the world is one big step to influencing patients who are reading this like you right now.

You will help others feel less alone

Jude: Make your experience bigger than your own judgment or shame of yourself. There's a world of people out there who need to feel like they are not alone, that they have a community that they can be authentic with and be understood. And, that despite their condition, they can live with deep meaning and purpose and inspire others! For me, it is all about being of service.

It will bond you with others living with eczema

Linette: Yes, tell your story openly and honestly, because all your life, you felt that these truths made you a loner. When in fact, all these truths will bond you with so many other warriors around the world who have and are experiencing the same thing. Also, make sure not to say yes to every opportunity to share your story. You must conserve your energy so you can focus it first and foremost on your healing.

You will find confidence in sharing

Jeff: Just let it all out! Step out of your comfort zone and enlighten others about your eczema. They’ll be more understanding of the struggles you have to deal with and you’ll feel less constrained by your condition. If you continue along that path your confidence levels will increase and advocacy will become second nature. It can take a while to get to that point, but as long as you keep a positive attitude, you've won half the battle.

Just be you

Raelle: Just be you. Share your authentic experience with eczema and recognize that you are the expert of your health and body. Empower yourself and people will connect to that.

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