I Auditioned For America’s Got Talent!

If you’ve been following me and my skin story on Instagram (@linettero), you’ll know that just a few months ago, I was going through the worst phases of TSW. It’s in these times that we think our darkest thoughts.

A bucket list for after TSW

Amidst all of the darkness, there was a stubborn part of me that started making that list - that list of things we promise ourselves we would do once we got through the worst bits of TSW. If we got through it. (Apologies for that last downer of a sentence, but we all know that when you are going through the worst of TSW, you’re honestly just not sure if you’ll ever make it to the other side.) Though I am still going through TSW, I am currently over the worst bits (knock on wood) so now it’s time to chip away at my list! One of the things on my list? Audition for America’s Got Talent! I’m straight-up addicted to those AGT sizzle reels on YouTube, so this is a big deal.

Representing the eczema community

On February 1st, me, my mom, and sister ventured out to the Pasadena Convention Center where AGT is recorded, and where they also hold the LA auditions. It had been years since I auditioned for something, but I was glad to be there since I had to reschedule my initial audition due to TSW symptoms. Being a musical theatre girl, the process of auditioning is scary and familiar all rolled into one. This was the very first audition I had done without picking away all my flakes, moisturizing, and putting on some makeup. Remember, I’m still going through moisture withdrawal, and I wanted to stay true to that - flakes and all- in order to truly represent our eczema/TSW community.

Just as it seems on TV

The holding room was a sight to see. It’s just as it seems on TV - bustling with excitement, hope, and brave souls with their loved ones. Fast forward several hours, and after hobbling over to one of the audition rooms, I got nervous! As if right on cue! We were finally led into the small audition room. There was one judge for the 10 different acts. It was finally my turn, and as I got up pain shot through both of my legs.

My song choice

I braced myself and slowly moved to the center of the room, cane in hand. Unfortunately with the nerves and pain distracting me, I had forgotten to tell my eczema/TSW story! I just went with the usual intro at every audition which is just your name and song. The song I chose to perform was I Could Have Danced All Night from My Fair Lady because it encapsulated all the glorious feelings I had when all the lesions and oozing on my body had finally stopped. I felt like I could conquer the world when my skin finally made a turn for the better, and I wanted a song that showcased my soprano voice and these emotions.

It's own accomplishment

Is a soprano who sings musical theatre tunes what they’re looking for? According to all the AGT sizzle reels I watch on YouTube, absolutely not! And did I get a callback? Nope! But did I do my best, sing through my nerves the best I could, check something off my list, and show my absolute love for performing and joy for simply being alive and finally comfortable in my own skin after TSW wreaked havoc on my body? HECK YES, I DID.

Life after TSW

I know this isn’t your typical success story, but I heard something recently that really rang true with me - failure isn’t the opposite of success.

Failure is a part of success because, without failure, you can’t have success.

Yes, I was a little itchier than usual when I crawled into bed that night, but other than that, I was fine. I wasn’t oozing and woke up the next day pretty much in the same condition as well! I’m telling you this story because I know how exasperated and lost we feel during those dark times of TSW, and I want you to know that there is #lifeaftertsw.

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