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Accepting or Asking for Help From Others

Asking for help when you have eczema can be a lot more difficult and tricky than one might think. What a lot of people don't know is that with everything that comes with eczema - all the flareups, all the pain, all the symptoms -that there are our social factors that come into play that make even asking for a simple cup of tea or ride somewhere a very socially anxious and painful experience for both the person with eczema and the person who is helping them.

Tips for asking for help with eczema

But it doesn't always have to be this way and with the right attitude and communication, people with eczema and the people who love them and help them in their everyday lives can have a much more smooth experience full of understanding in compassion on both sides.

Here are some insights and tips on how to make asking for help with eczema a much easier experience all around:

Know that you're valid in your feelings

It's important for you to own the state that you're in. And whether it's painful, hard to look at in the mirror, or feeling however you feel, it is okay because it is your experience and your feelings are valid.

Be confident

Be confident that whatever help you ask for or seek is a legitimate need and there's no shame around asking for assistance when you need to.

Let go of the shame from eczema

While this one might be very difficult if you have pride (and I for one am a very proud person), let go of any judgments, shame, or guilt around your skin and emotional state as much as you possibly can. Even if you have to fake it till you make it. Because all of these feelings will just become hangups and it's better to be humble and supported rather than proud and fending for yourself when you don't have to.

Share your feelings with people who care

Be fearless about stating how you feel to those around you. Even if it is uncomfortable. It is better to let things out than hold things inside because holding things inside makes the stress and anxiety of living with it worse which will inevitably lead you to scratch more out of stress. If you have people in your life who cannot handle seeing you in pain and do not have the capacity to hold space for you or even hug you while you’re in a painful state, then I would highly suggest getting professional help and counseling or making new friends - whether online or in-person - who can give you the emotional support, understanding, and acceptance that you need to heal.

Know that people are imperfect

Know and come to peace with the fact that there will be people in your life who are also sensitive in different ways and may not have the strength to support you the way you would like them to. Probably the most painful realization one can have is of friends and family who just can't be there for you as much as you need them to. Family does not guarantee unconditional love and acceptance all the time. People are people and people are imperfect. And that's okay because the important thing is that everyone is honest with themselves and no one should push themselves to do more than they genuinely can or feel comfortable with.

Want to see more? Have your own tips?

Hope that you find these tips useful. If you would like me to write another article on how people without eczema can help care for people with eczema and help them feel better about their healing journey, please comment below. And if you have any tips or suggestions of your own on how to ask for help when you have eczema, would love to hear your thoughts and experiences as well!

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