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Key to Being Eczema Free: Building a Strong Immune System

Recently, I have really been struggling to control my eczema. I am hoping that it is just another phase/cycle that I am experiencing and soon I will be out and free of this for a few days or so. But it got me thinking about all the times I have been well, happy, and content. Fortunately, I have led a very nice and fulfilling life with lots of supportive people around me. I have decent friends who can always make me laugh. Family too. A rewarding job, a nice apartment, and interests that all contribute to me being able to cope when things get bad.

A strong immune system

It occurred to me that all the times in my life that my asthma and eczema had been well controlled, the one common thread that these occasions all shared was that my immune system happened to be strong. Or not as weak as it normally is.

Factors that build a strong immune system

It normally coincided with the climate being warm, being physically fit, being in happy relationships, eating clean, and having good mental health. It is for these reasons that over the last few years or so I have focused on little else but trying to build a stronger immune system.

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If I am to succeed in building a stronger immune system then it seems logical to me that I need to address the aforementioned things in a precise and balanced way.

Warm climate

Some of us are not fortunate enough to move to a warmer part of the world to help cure our ails, however, if you are determined enough and you have the wherewithal to do this then all power to you! I am not in a position where I can just up and move to a nice part of the world. For most, it is just not practical.

Traveling even for a short period of time

What I can do is make sure I get away on a nice holiday a few times a year. It doesn't have to break the bank either. If you can't afford to go abroad then you can research the nicest areas in your country where the air is cleanest and the water is soft. If you can though, try to get to a nice warm climate. Preferably by the sea. It works wonders.

Physical fitness

In my 20s I was at the peak of my well-being. I never sat down in my twenties. I played a lot of sport; football, tennis, cycling, etc. While I still had to manage my conditions, they seemed to take a back seat in those days. They were not at the front of my mind. A good sign that I was managing things nicely.


I have never been one to eat lots of greasy food. For example, I have never eaten butter/margarine. To be honest, my diet has improved over the years but the times when my skin has been at its best have been the times when I know I have eaten clean. Foods high in omega-3, rich in fiber and protein. Fish, unsalted nuts, spinach, grains, pulses, water, and fruit.

Mental health

Feeling good about one's self is crucial in the fight against depression and anxiety. Again, the times I have found where I am at my strongest with my health is if I have been able to keep mentally fit. Having a network of support; friends and family, a good social life with interests to keep you busy. I have music and art. Sustaining a healthy relationship with a partner is something I need to work on but hopefully, I will get there.

In summary, keeping an eye on all these things will help you to build a stronger immune system which I firmly believe is the key to beating eczema.

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