A woman reaches into her purse for a ziploc bag containing two makeup wipes.

Trying CeraVe Makeup Removing Cleanser Cloths

In the never-ending quest for a product that will keep my facial skin clear, without cortisone, I’m always willing to try things recommended by other eczema sufferers. In a previous article about facial perspiration, I mentioned how my allergist recommended applying a mild cortisone cream as soon as I started to perspire. It turned out to be the best solution I had found so far. But I’m not comfortable using a steroid on my face that often.

Using makeup wipes to clean off sweat

One of our great community members then recommended taking along some makeup remover wipes, to clean the sweat off my upper lip immediately. These were not things I had ever tried, as I normally only use a little eyeliner and lipstick, but it sounded like a great idea.

Finding the right product for my skin

I looked into the various brands and settled on CeraVe Makeup Removing Cleansing Cloths, as I regularly use their moisturizing cream with fairly good results. It contains the same ceramides, and also has the seal from the National Eczema Association! It claims to gently remove dirt, oil, even waterproof mascara.

Testing it at home to see if my eczema flared

My first try of course was as soon as I arrived home, on the inside of my elbow. Next day, no reaction. Time to try it on my face. I used it as if I was removing makeup. When it first touched my skin, there was a refreshing tingling, really just a slight cooling feeling. But when I neared the more sensitive skin around my eyes, that cooling started to sting. A quick wash with cool water calmed it with no lasting effects.

Maybe I’m a glutton for punishment, but I still liked the idea of using it, or another like it, instead of steroid cream, but only on my upper lip, when the COVID-19 mask causes the perspiration. Anything to try to hold back the start of a new flare.

Testing it on a walk after sweating

I decided the best test would be a fairly long walk with friends on a hot day. As they’re not packaged singly, I folded one up and put it in a tiny zipper sealed plastic bag to carry with me. When I returned to my car and removed the mask, I used my hand sanitizer then used the CeraVe wipe on my upper lip. I didn’t have high hopes as it was already starting to sting from the perspiration. I was right. It burned. I applied my cortisone cream from the allergist in hopes of holding back the start of a weeks-long flare. Looking back, I realize I should have stopped and lifted the mask to wipe it immediately. Would that have done the trick? But then we’re told not to touch the mask.

Testing it when I didn't need to wear a mask

Continuing on, the next test was on a warm day when I wasn’t in public and didn’t need the mask. As soon as my skin started to perspire, I used the CeraVe wipe. It did help and didn’t burn. I found I needed to use it a few times before I returned home. When my skin is already irritated, it doesn’t work quite as well as I had hoped. The cortisone still does a better job.

It was a good idea. I’ll carry one with me to use as the first line of defense and save the cortisone for when I’m desperate. Does anyone else have a suggestion for me to try next?

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