Choosing the Right Makeup with Atopic Dermatitis

After spending years of hoping that lotion wouldn’t break out my granddaughter’s face, the day finally arrived when she was ready to try on makeup. As usual, I was overly worried. Choosing the right makeup with atopic dermatitis took a lot of work. After a little bit of trial and error, we finally found the right combination of foundation, and also some glamour items, that didn’t cause a total breakout.

We learned that facial skin has a special set of problems, especially when you have atopic dermatitis. For one, my granddaughter wanted lightweight natural look. She also wanted itch free coverage. Oh, and don’t forget that it has to blend well to blur out the itchy patches. It just goes without saying that we were looking for something that didn’t make any current skin issues worse. Whew! Keep reading. There are lots of options and our best tips are in this blog.

Choices for makeup

Opt to go foundation free

That was a great option until she started junior high. As part of a cheer squad, there were lots of opportunities to be in front of large crowds getting her picture taken. Now that she no longer cheers, she goes make-up free most days.

Start at a health food store

A lot of research has gone into creating skin friendly, organic makeup lines. We liked the mineral type powder the most.

Discount store

You can try starting off with a drug store. Many of them have trained makeup counter staff who can help you make a wise choice. There is a wide variety of reputable brands, and some have been around for years. Look for a label that offers allergy relief. Some of the best total body care lines have gotten into facial care products and can offer ingredients that do not irritate your skin. Discounts stores are good, and also drug stores, but they don’t have a dedicated employee to ask for advice.

Department store

We ended up finding a department store counter that offered samples. Many high-end makeup lines are happy to give you a few days worth of foundation.

Shop prices

If you find a brand that doesn’t create itchy patches, redness, or dry skin… Congratulations! The good part is that now you can shop when items are on sale. Watch for online deals also. Sometimes, the shipping costs are so small that you can have your favorite item delivered right to your door.

If you are choosing the right makeup with atopic dermatitis, these tips can save you time and money. Of course, going make-up free is one option, but for those who want allergy free coverage for their skin, there is probably a foundation for you. The glamour and color products may pose a whole different problem.

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