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My Favorite Clothes That Don’t Hurt My Sensitive Skin

It sounds like such an odd thing to even think about - clothes that don’t hurt - but if you experience eczema, I’m sure you understand. Some clothes just irritate the skin, while others are less irritating or even soothing. A few days ago, my skin broke out in hives, and I’ve been dealing with itchy, rashy, irritated skin ever since. My forearms and back of the neck are a mess right now.

When I feel like this, not just itchy, but extra sensitive to the touch - I call it “angry” skin. It just looks red and angry! And whether or not I am having an eczema outbreak, some clothes just feel better on my skin. I thought it would be helpful for us all to share what clothes help our irritated skin, so I’ll start by sharing a few of my favorite things.


I look for loose and flowy shirts that are not stiff and uncomfortable to move in. I have been walking around in a white shirt that says “Addicted to Love,” which is so not my style. Having three kids, I generally don’t wear white clothes because something is always spilling - and I just don’t wear shirts that say things like “Addicted to Love,” but this shirt is so soft and flowy, it is like a dream. I have been washing it every other day and wearing it several times a week. I got it on sale at Dress Barn online a while ago and recently went back to their website to look for some more tops that look soft and flowy. I hope they are just as comfortable - I'm waiting for their arrival!

Pants or capris

I like to wear soft pants with a wide waistband (think yoga pants) because they are the most comfortable on my skin. One of my favorites is the Tek Gear brand from Kohl’s, although sometimes they seem to vary in size (for example, one style in XL may fit, but another style in XL is too small), so I like to try them on first. I recently discovered the Terra & Sky brand from Walmart. Their yoga pants and capris are cotton and super soft and comfortable with a wide waistband.


I love to feel comfortable when it’s time for bed, so hopefully, I’ll get a good night’s sleep. My favorite tops are the Old Navy ribbed tanks, which are nice and long, stretchy, and made of cotton. Usually, they have sales where the tanks are only $6, so you can restock once in a while and not feel guilty! I wear them with soft pajama pants or lounge pants which I’ve accumulated over the years, mostly from Old Navy and HUE.

Summer picks

Going into summer, I am on the lookout for clothes that will keep me cool and eczema-free (as much as possible). I can’t wait to hear some of your favorite picks for clothing! Please share in the comments so we can all help each other with some great clothing finds!

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