Woman with atopic dermatitis covering herself at the edge of the bed in a blanket, hiding from her partner who is illuminated in the light

Community Conversations: Sex, Relationships & Atopic Dermatitis

We know that romantic relationships and intimacy have a very real impact on emotional health. Share your story in our easy and anonymous polls, and raise your voice about what you want more of in the atopic dermatitis community!


Which best describes you?

Living with atopic dermatitis may impact one's sex life. Is this the case for you?


How has atopic dermatitis affected your sex life?

Everyone's experience varies. Which topics would benefit you?


Would you be interested in learning more about...(select all that apply)

No one feels sexy and confident all the time, but AD can add a big layer of self-consciousness. Has AD affected your self-esteem?


How has atopic dermatitis affected your self-confidence?

Relationships are difficult to manage as is, never mind adding a chronic condition.


Has atopic dermatitis affected your ability to start or maintain romantic relationships?

Read more about atopic dermatitis and the impact on sexuality in adults.

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