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Why Eczema Advocacy is Important to Harry

The Editorial Team at AtopicDermatitis.net is highlighting people in the eczema community and their healing journeys in a series of Instagram Interviews. Harry (@iharrydo) shares his eczema story and why he thinks it's important to be an advocate for eczema.

Harry's eczema story

Harry poses for a photo I've had eczema since I was one. What started out as small patches here and there steadily got worse overtime.

At 24, I am still struggling more than ever with atopic dermatitis. I experience months of managed skin to waves of the worst flare ups of my life.

Eczema flares and triggers impact everyday life

The itch, the sleepless nights, the flares, and the way my everyday life is affected by eczema constantly frustrates me.

Although most of my triggers have been pinpointed, eczema has a mind of its own. By that, I mean that once I think I have my skin managed, eczema finds another way to creep back up.

My life has been a clinical trial

I feel like I’ve tried almost every treatment/technique suggested and my life has been a clinical trial. I noticed that distracting myself with gaming and sports when I don’t have any open lesions have helped.

Also making sure I take light showers at least twice a day have been essential to managing my eczema. I am still lacking consistency in managing my skin though.

Advocate for others

Editorial Team: Your bio says "Eczema Advocate" - Why is it important to advocate for eczema?
Harry: It's very important for me to advocate for eczema because I know there's someone out there that wished that they could share their story right now but are constantly going through too much pain to do so.

Also it is reported that there are over 30 million people with eczema, but yet funding and the push for research is still minuscule compared to other diseases/disorders, so obviously more advocacy can only help.

Eczema is like a costume

Editorial Team: Describe eczema in 5 words.
Harry: Costume that can't be replaced

Advice for younger guys

School photo of Harry as a teenEditorial Team: Any advice for younger guys who are growing up with eczema?
Harry: To younger guys growing up with eczema: use it as a way to appreciate the better things around you. Without the struggle, there is no story. This is just a part of your story. You have eczema but eczema doesn't define you.

Thank you for giving us a voice

Editorial Team: Anything else you'd like to add?
Harry: To the people that continue to advocate for this community thank you. To the people that are showing strength by not letting eczema control their life, thank you. To platforms like this that give people with eczema a voice, thank you.

Editor’s Note: With heavy hearts, we regret to inform readers that Harry passed away in May 2022. He will be deeply missed by the entire eczema community.

Why is eczema advocacy important?

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