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Eczema Diet: Yes Those Words Again!

Disclaimer: This article will not tell you what to eat. Diet for eczema is such a trial and error, time-consuming, and research packed undertaking that I cannot possibly share every food adjustment that I’ve made. I cannot even begin to fully suggest what another eczema patient should consider because we all have different tolerances and allergies that are ever-changing. With that said, I will begin sharing a part of my journey here that will hopefully spark some interest and new thought with how you can begin healing from the inside out for your atopic dermatitis.

First, I will do a little name dropping in order to start giving resources that have changed my life and taught me how the body functions based on our eating, digestion, and detox methods.

The 'Medical Medium'

Anthony Williams who calls himself the ‘Medical Medium' is one resource whose books helped me deep dive into what all of the healthy foods and detoxes are specifically good for and how it aids the body.

Book #1

That book is called, “Life-Changing Foods: Save Yourself and the Ones You Love with the Hidden Healing Powers of Fruits and Vegetables.” Simple right? Straightforward and to the point, just skimming those pages reiterated many of the facts that I already knew from a lifelong battle of hypersensitive allergic reactions and having parents who studied healthy holistic alternatives for me since I was a child.

Book #2

The book that took my healing to the next level and sped up my eczema healing was Anthony William’s, “Liver Rescue” that had a specialized chapter for his unique theory of eczema that I am not opposed to, and it was very refreshing to hear new perspectives. I will not go into detail in this article but feel free to search his social media or online posts about eczema and people who have followed his regimens. It is intriguing, to say the least, and although I agree with much of it, I still am not someone who only follows one strict way if I find that it is too restrictive.

Experimentation and eczema

One month increments or three months of his detoxing methods is what continuously aided in my healing and then I would test myself adding in new foods to test my tolerance again. Although it is often said in a joking manner, eczema is truly like being your very own science project in the flesh. Full of experiments and hypotheses forming individual theories until your body switches up on you again. We have to constantly be in tune with our bodies and how it reacts to our diet and environment.

Robert Morse and Dr. Sebi

A couple of other name droppings that I must include are Robert Morse and Dr. Sebi. These two have similar teaching with their own levels of extremities that I was able to take from each and form my own conclusions on where their information was similar. Morse taught me even more about properly detoxing with water and fruit fasting, while Dr. Sebi highlights herbs for healing and revitalizing cells and eliminating all foods that are not sourced from the earth. Having this knowledge along with the very detailed restrictive diet that Anthony Williams shares gave me new ways to approach my healing over a one in a half year period beginning February 2018 to finally turning a consistent healing corner in June 2019.

Gut health and eczema

Ultimately, gut health is key and is well known as being considered as the “second brain." Once I was able to get my digestion regular and eliminate bloating from detoxing and maintaining a consistent morning routine I was able to give my body a break from digesting food 24hrs a day. That break in the morning and late at night gives the body time to spend its energy on healing and naturally reproduce elements that it has lost. I will go into further detail in future articles of what my morning routine looks like to this very day.

Using food to help heal eczema

With all of this information that I just shared for you to begin or further your journey using foods and holistic healing for eczema care, I cannot stress enough to consult with the proper doctor or very experienced holistic professional who specializes in skin disease. I easily lost 15 or more pounds (I was already a very small frame) experimenting with my body and listening to how it felt versus how it looked and trusting the process. Please feel free to reach out to me or share your methods in the comments as you seek to incorporate new holistic ways to heal. This article doesn’t even scratch the surface... stay tuned!

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