Eczema-Friendly Gift List

Do you have a friend who has sensitive skin or eczema? Would you love to shower them with gifts but you don't know which ones they could actually enjoy because of all their sensitivities? Well, I’ve got you covered because I have a solid list here for things you can get your sensitive-skinned friends that they will be able to use and enjoy!

Hypoallergenic bedding for eczema

First on my list is hypoallergenic bedding and linen. Particularly, Japanese indigo denim makes great material for bed sheets and pillowcases because of the antibacterial properties of the plant dye they use. Also, the cotton material is breathable and allows the person you are gifting it to be able to regulate their body temperatures while they are asleep. A lot of times people who have eczema will feel itchier at night because their bedding is too insulating. Maybe it is made of polyester which traps in heat and raises body temperature, which contributes to the sensation of itching. Get this bedding for them and they will be able to sleep peacefully like a baby while also having a little bit of an antibacterial treatment which will prevent secondary infections from spreading. Aizome is one such brand that comes to mind for this.


Aromatherapy products are amazing for us warriors. Our olfactory senses very much affect our nervous system and mental state. Eczema is a very intensely stressful thing to live with and can make even the strongest warrior feel very tightly wound up or depressed about it. So giving them some essential oils for aromatherapy products like scented candles that have certain fragrances like peppermint or spearmint will help them to cool down and relax while also sanitizing the air. And fragrances like orange, ginger, and cinnamon will help to pick up their spirits and make them feel happier, more hopeful about the future and get their motivation up. Just make sure that the products are organic or non-GMO to get the best quality.

Books on holistic health and self-care

Books on holistic health, self-care, meditation, and positive thinking will definitely be helpful. It is very easy to feel down having skin that you do not feel comfortable in. So it is important to keep spirits up and for them to develop a more objective and philosophical view of this experience that they are going through and how they can overcome it. And the way that we think about ourselves and our lives heavily impacts the choices that we make. And to make the best, healthiest, most sensible choices, we have to be in a healthy and positive mindset. So do not underestimate the importance of these topics and sharing this information with the person that you care about to help them continue to care for themselves to the best of their ability and to know how to ask other people for it, too.

A safe space to vent

And most importantly, a gift that is that can you can't place any value on that is priceless is the gift of acceptance and unconditional love. Just letting the person vent without trying to give advice can make a world of difference. Giving the gift of friendship and compassion is really what any person with eczema really needs because as we have seen in the news in the past few years, without real support, caring and concern from others, a person with eczema can feel overwhelmed by their condition and therefore could be at risk for suicide or suicidal ideation. So, in a sense, giving the gift of unconditional love, acceptance, non-judgment, and support is saving a life. And I think that is true for every person with or without eczema.

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