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‘Tis the Season: Holiday Gift Ideas for the Eczema Patient in Your Life

Ahhh! It’s officially the most wonderful time of the year! With all of the holiday festivities comes the inevitable scramble to purchase gifts for our loved ones. Some people are easy to buy for, and others aren’t. But what do you get the eczema patient in your life? The answer is simple. Read on for several gift suggestions that will leave them “itching” for more!

Cleanse their home with an air purifier

Did you know that indoor air can be two to five times dirtier than outside air?1 Quite frankly, that is pretty terrifying considering we spend a great deal of our time indoors during the winter. Do your favorite eczema patient a favor and purchase them an air purifier to help reduce the volume of pollutants and allergens in their home. I’m a big fan of my Dyson Pure Hot + Cool. Yes, it’s on the pricier side, but I can use it year-round due to its dual functionality as a heater and a fan.

Gift basket bonanza

Who doesn’t love a good eczema themed gift basket? The nice thing about gifting them is you can give your loved one a little bit of everything. The trick here is that all eczema patients respond differently to skincare products. What works for one doesn’t necessarily work for another. Because of this, I recommend purchasing items that have the National Eczema Association stamp of approval. Regardless of what you purchase, make sure you grab a gift receipt at check out just to cover your bases.

Chill them out with a cooling mattress pad

Sure, it’s cold outside, but that doesn’t mean it is in their bedroom. As an eczema patient, I’ve always struggled to sleep. A major part of this is because I’m always too hot at night, especially on my back. To counter this, I recommend purchasing a cooling mattress pad. I have no idea how they work (I’m sure they’re all different) but they sure make a difference when it comes to achieving a restful night’s sleep!

Fun holiday apparel

Clothing isn’t the most exciting holiday gift, but it is a necessity. If you plan on going this route, be sure to purchase attire that is made out of cotton, as it is more comfortable than wool or synthetic fibers. Bonus points if you can find an eczema-related ugly Christmas sweater! If not, just stick with an item that you know they’ll like.

Make a donation in their name

In a society where we place a high degree of importance on the acquisition of material goods, step outside the box and make a donation to your eczema warrior’s favorite nonprofit. The holiday season is all about giving to those who need it most. So whether the donation is going to a local animal shelter, religious organization, or eczema research, they’ll be grateful for your contribution to a cause that matters to them.

So what are you waiting for? What will give as a gift to the eczema patient in your life?

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