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One Eczema Sufferer’s Mission to Soothe

The Editorial Team at interviewed one of the co-founders of The Soothe Box, Denise Vo, to learn more about the company’s mission and how it all started. Read on to learn more about The Soothe Box and meet the rest of the sister team.

Tell us about The Soothe Box and its mission

The Soothe Box is a monthly subscription service for sufferers of Eczema and Sensitive Skin. Each month, we work diligently to find products, stress relievers, healthy snacks, and any related items to make life a bit easier for those suffering from Eczema and Sensitive Skin. The cycle of finding products is one that is both vicious and exhausting so our mission is simple – we’ll handle product discovery and delivery so that our subscribers have one less thing to worry about.

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What inspired you to found The Soothe Box?

Being a sufferer of Eczema myself, the steroid creams I’ve been using most of my life has really taken a toll on my skin, which lead me to making the switch to natural products a few years ago.

One day as I was doing my search for new Eczema creams and products, something I do on a daily basis, I thought to myself… there has to be a subscription box for Eczema considering there’s one for everything these days! To my surprise, one did not exist. I couldn’t believe it. As an incurable symptom that does discriminate in terms of who it effects, so many people suffer from Eczema and it was that moment I knew this void had to be filled. Further, I found that Eczema was very much understood to only be a surface level condition. But if you’re a sufferer, you know that it is way more than skin deep. Eczema is sleepless nights, embarrassed first dates, dealing with stares, anxiety, stress, insecurities, the list goes on. With the Soothe Box, I really wanted to make sure I made mental health priority also. I was inspired to help others and I wanted to do it with those who have helped me my whole life; my sisters.

How do you choose the items that go into each box?

We pride ourselves in being able to attest for all products we share with our subscribers. That being said, we choose our items by product testing (yes, we try every product in each box) and sitting down and asking ourselves, “Is this something we’d want?” That is very important to us.

Meet the rest of the team

What is your role as part of The Soothe Box team?

Caitlyn – I would say that I’m the accountant of our group. I work with vendors, customers and make sure that our financials are up to date. Aside from this, we all work collaboratively as a team to make sure we meet our monthly goal and that is to come up with a box that exceeds the previous month!

Karen – My role would include product discovery and adding final touches to our boxes. I’d like to call myself “Quality Control” as I am very particular about ensuring that extra time is spent on each box to ensure that we’re sending our subscribers the best product possible – visually and content-wise. I make sure items are not missing and everything is in tip-top shape. I truly want to wow our subscribers with each box.

What has been your personal highlight of starting The Soothe Box so far?

Caitlyn – Personally, I don’t think it gets any better than this for me. Starting a business with my sisters and creating something that we are all so passionate about. It’s the best of both worlds!

Karen – We all had a common goal and vision when we created The Soothe Box, and for it become reality is the best feeling yet.

Learn more at The Soothe Box website.

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