Can Eczema Help With Emotions?

Last updated: October 2020

Emotional intelligence is a term that relates to having control of personal emotions and empathy within your relationships. Despite reading books and taking courses that focused on the balance of emotional intelligence, it was not until dealing with the overwhelming pain and hurt that eczema forces you to express that I found out what true emotional “control” was.

Controlling emotions: Beneficial or harmful?

Control is not a beneficial word to use in the case of emotions because oftentimes control can be misinterpreted or taken out of context. Controlling your emotions has nothing to do with eliminating a natural part of human existence as I once may have wrongfully thought. On the contrary, suppression or stopping feelings or emotions to show up is the exact opposite of what should be done.

Emotional intelligence

That’s where the word intelligence with your emotions comes from. Intellect includes acknowledgment, therefore emotions have everything to do with allowing them to flow without restraint to then make it to a place of acceptance or understanding. From that state, you can then show that same compassion and empathy to every relationship that you encounter to keep resolving issues as they inevitably will arise.

Opening up to emotions can help with eczema flares

I speak about emotions so extensively to highlight how the understanding of your emotions can be a direct correlation to eczema flares and health in general.  It is often said how much stress has to do with the reason for sickness, but what about suppressed or unacknowledged emotions such as sadness that has never been allowed to flow out of you so that you can have space to heal. Every pouring-down crying moment that I have had with extreme eczema flares and prolonged illness has done nothing but be a new beginning for me to open up space to focus on healing again more than pity.

Emotions from eczema make us more compassionate

The ability to be honest, raw, and emotional with yourself does nothing but cause understanding towards others in pain, but also it gives you the capacity to shoulder relationships when others are going through hard times without judgment. My eczema has been an excuse for expression in many forms. It’s been freeing to have the ability to realize the need to recognize my own vulnerability in order to be present with feelings in each moment that I live.

Holistic healing and eczema

When I see eczema flares show up on my body now that it is in the stage of mild to moderate I hope for the best, but I simply allow time to do its thing as I make the proper changes and analyze my personal life so that I can aide towards the healing of my skin holistically. Holistically includes from the inside out and is every part of your life you can think of to assist true healing of your skin physically, mentally, and emotionally.

Let me know in the comments what do you do to check in with emotions for your eczema?

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