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Eye-Roll Worthy Moments

Sometimes you have to wonder if people truly believe we want their advice or rude commentary. Just because our skin is part of our outward appearance and it doesn't look the same as everyone else, doesn't mean we aren't doing the best we can to take care of it! Major EYE ROLL! The Editorial Team at AtopicDermatitis.net asked our advocate team what eye-roll worthy commentary or advice they've heard about their skin and this is what they had to say:

Advice from self-proclaimed eczema "experts"

Jeff: When I was in elementary school, my family took a trip to Germany to visit my Aunt and Uncle that were living there at the time. One day, when we were out and about doing touristy things, an older lady happened to notice the rash on my skin and asked my parents if I had eczema, to which they replied, “yes.” She then proceeded to tell them that the best way for me to eliminate the condition was for me to “drink my first urine of the day.” Talk about a major eye-roll situation.

Daisy: If you would just moisturize and listen to the doctor's orders you'd get better. The doctors know best. I've listened to my doctor and used steroids that helped me. When people don't know how bad steroids can be.

Raelle: Other eye-roll moments include product suggestions that are full of toxic chemicals and "bottom shelf" quality skin-care. Yes, it may work for some but even if it does work eczema is not one size fits all. Also, in general for the sake of good health, our bodies need fewer toxins. Even if it is a naturally-sourced product, still do not push a product on me! :)

"Stop scratching!" and "Have you tried...?"

Louise: They said are you sure you’re doing the right thing? Are you seeing a doctor? Geez, what is wrong with your face, arms, and skin? Do you know you look red and inflamed? Have you tried using this or that product? Are you sure you are taking the right medication?

Raelle: Stop scratching! These words, especially when said with a negative or irritated tone because they cannot bear to watch you scratch anymore, are not helpful. In fact, it has made me want to scratch more because of how irritating it is to hear those words!

Louise: Just put some Benadryl on it and you’ll feel better… Stop scratching yourself. What is wrong with you? Please be sure to vacuum your house. You should try this, that, etc. Oh, here is my Calamine cream that you can use.

Chad: Put aloe on it. Aloe will help to soothe your skin and it will clear up.

Friends don't always give great advice

Cora Lyn: One friend suggested I shouldn't wear capri pants without using leg makeup! As well as makeup to cover flares on my face. People have good intentions, but don't realize putting unnecessary chemicals anywhere on our bodies can exacerbate the condition. Another friend suggested I should start using a dandruff shampoo for those dry skin flakes that go everywhere. I wish it was that easy. These days I usually just say thanks for the suggestion.

Ashley: A dear friend of mine who doesn't live with eczema was researching how to better improve her health when she came across some data about eczema. Caring as she is, she asked me if I ever tried cutting out meat because she read that it could cure eczema. I definitely rolled my eyes but then quickly remembered that her intention was to support me. At that time, I was vegan for over 9 months and my eczema was DEFINITELY NOT cured.

Strangers and embarrassing encounters

Cora Lyn: When I was shopping for earrings, the jeweler suggested I should buy some large "statement" rings, and wear a couple on each hand. That way people would notice the rings, not my hands. This from a stranger! I didn't buy the earrings.

Ashley: I was at a party and remember it being packed with people. I was so hot but unwilling to take off my sweater just because of how my skin looked. One of my crush's friends laughingly asked me "Yo, what's wrong with your face?" in front of people. Again, I pretended not to hear him and just kept walking. I'm pretty sure I went home right after this encounter.

Health professionals make commentary too

Jeff: One time while getting my blood drawn, the phlebotomist asked me if I was an intravenous drug user. I was thrown off by this question because I had never been asked that question before, but answered, “No, why?” She proceeded to tell me that she asked because it looked like I had track marks on my arm. Needless to say, I was slightly offended by this remark.

Chad: I had a doctor who told me to stop showering. She said to shower once every three days. It is the water that is making your skin red. Here go on Prednisone, it will clear you up. Safe to say I did not go back to that doctor. This was in the early days of my five year battle with Red Skin Syndrome. Trying to figure out what was the trigger took five years.

Daisy: In the past, I used to work in a hospital. All the time nurses would stare at me and ask me what was wrong with my face. I would think to myself they should know better than to question people. 🙄

What are some eye-roll worthy comments or advice that you've heard?

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