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Eczema on the Face, What's The Big Deal?

What's the big deal?!!!!Is that really a question? How could she! Yes, you got me this is the most sarcastic question I've ever uttered through my lips. If you type in eczema on Google you will see that immediately after "eczema cream" is "eczema on face." So even without the personal story I have to share on this topic, it is clearly not just a big deal, but THE biggest deal of all deals!

Eczema on my body vs eczema on my face

That is exactly how I felt as a little girl dealing with eczema. Although bothersome, I could care less about my eczema on my body, that nobody could see or could be easily covered up or ignored for a few hours when I was in public. Once eczema started creeping up on my face my entire world would drop and I would be self-conscious for 24 hours straight, anxious, and crying to my mom constantly. It was the biggest deal of all deals.

Protopic and steroid creams for my facial eczema?

The only caution I have ever been given by a dermatologist when using my topical steroid creams is not to use it on my face. I was always treated with Protopic for that, but once Protopic stopped working on my face there had been few times I must admit that I'd dab just a dot or two of my strong steroid cream for my body on my face to speed up the clearing process. I never did it for a prolonged amount of time, but it was definitely done which I shamefully admit about 20 years later. Sorry, mom.

Self confidence and facial eczema flare ups

Dealing with face eczema or any blemish as an adult is no easy undertaking. So, as a shy kid it just made me shyer, which caused a lot of self-confidence talks from my parents to boost my spirits and see that I'm beautiful. Regardless of the best confidence talks I can get or give to myself or others, not having eczema on your face feels a lot better than having it!

Finding control with face eczema

With that said, I faced the world with eczema on my face for about a year straight on and off at the age of 26/27 years old. It took finding an inward peace so deep that nothing could change my spirit, gratitude for the ability to be on the road of healing my skin, and understanding why my flares were happening to find control. Although having face eczema is out of your instant control to change the narrative, you do find a sense of control knowing that if you stick to your routine that works it will get better.

Daily routines for face eczema

To conclude this article I'd like to share some daily routines that helped my face eczema naturally heal or retain moisture. Depending on the level of face eczema you are experiencing it is good to know whether it is from an allergic reaction to something like make-up or if it is the common dry skin that will not heal. I had them both as you'll see in the photos shared. Even having to wear face masks is negatively affecting my rotating problem area that usually appears in the winter cold which I identify as my "eczema mustache."

Himalayan salt or dead sea salt

Just like salt baths help heal the skin and apple cider vinegar balances the PH of water that is exactly was I use every morning and night to clean my face. Even the purest natural soaps can still be too stripping for the skin and oils can be too clogging of the pores, or simply not absorbed well with such dry skin. About a tablespoon of Himalayan salt or dead sea salt for one to two cups of filtered water in a bottle has done wonders for my face eczema.

Jojoba or argon oil

If your skin is able to accept more products after that simple regimen then jojoba or argan oil have been the best oil for me personally, but testing other oils and how you react is great as well. From their products such as a natural vitamin C serum or overnight balm with retinol (vitamin A) have done wonders for me. Thick moisturizers such as mango butter and shea butter to those whom it doesn't irritate can be another layer of moisture only if needed.

Caring for the skin on my face

Sometimes drying out the inflamed area and allowing the natural salts and water to be the only consistent change can give good results over time. The face is the thinnest part of our skin and delicate, but the good part is although it inflames so easily, it also can heal the quickest if given consistent care. My heart goes out to all in the battle of eczema on the face. It has always been my greatest wake-up call that my skin needed to be a top priority.

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