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Eczema Facial Care Tips

When it comes to facial care for eczema it is a whole different beast than treating your body because your face and your neck are constantly exposed to the elements whereas your body and hands can be constantly covered by clothing and fabric. It requires a different type of skincare game plan and more potent yet still gentle and therapeutic products. Here are some of my best tips for taking care of the skin on your face and your neck when you have eczema.

Facial serum

Make sure to use some kind of facial serum. I find vitamin C serums to be quite helpful for sun damage as well as anti-aging because they promote the production of collagen which keeps your skin soft and support. Also, serums made with essential fatty acids like borage oil, hempseed oil, and evening primrose oil can be quite good though I find that they sink into the skin best right after a shower or cleansing my face and neck.

Choosing products wisely

If you don't have access to eco-friendly and cruelty-free products (which are preferable when possible), and have to use conventional over the counter products then using skincare targeted to for either mature skin or for baby skin will be your friend. This is a shopping hack that I discovered through many desperate times needing to repair my skin quickly and I found that when products are formulated for mature skin they have stronger anti-aging properties and antioxidants that are very reparative for the skin and when they are formulated for babies they are super duper gentle and much more hypoallergenic and than products formulated for adults.

Using a balm

After applying your serum and moisturizer, make sure to follow up with a thin layer of a balm. I find that because my face and neck are constantly exposed to the elements that it feels as if my skin there dries up faster and that to retain a sense of feeling moisturized and protected, it helps to have a thin layer of some sort of oil-based balm or salve right after the moisturizer. Sometimes I even cocktail the balm with the moisturizer if I'm feeling a little lazy to apply those layers separately. Just make sure to either make the ratio 50/50 or 75 percent moisturizer to 25 percent or even less of the salve or balm because the skin is primarily made up of water and having too much oil content can sometimes create a sense of itchiness and possibly dryness if overdone.

Give your face a break

The face is the most seen part of our body and while it may be tempting to continually slather on moisturizer and healing balms in an effort to make it look and feel better, sometimes there are times where it's best to give it a break. At times I have found that no matter how much I moisturize I put on my skin will still feel really itchy and that might be because of an accumulation of dirt and possibly suffocating my skin with all this product on top of it. There have been times where I've gone an entire day without putting on any moisturizer at all and the next day I was able to put it on with much more comfort and no more itchiness.

Hope you found these tips useful! Would love to hear what you do for your eczema facial care routine. How do you keep the itchiness at bay on your face? Comment below and I looking forward to reading them!

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