Managing My Skin With All the Usual Meds

Apart from the new biologic treatments, I have pretty much tried every medication on the market to help with my eczema.

Why haven't I explored biologics?

I have chosen not to go down the route of biologic treatments. They are very powerful drugs indeed, and I have read mixed reports. In many cases, I have seen and read that some people have had their eczema come back. So, I do not think I am ready.

The thought of a new medication causing any kind of problem in my life at this stage is simply unbearable. These bio drugs are in their infancy and time will tell. We do not have enough data to say with any certainty how these new meds will affect our bodies in years to come. Maybe one day I will try these new meds. Because I was put on steroid medication from a very young age, I have seen what that has done to my life.

Why do I hesitate around topical steroids?

Knowing that topical steroids are still dished out to eczema patients all over the world actually blows my mind. The side effects are truly awful. There is a place for steroid treatment but, in my opinion, it should be the last resort if one’s life is in danger.

When do I rarely use topical steroids?

Unfortunately, I still need steroids to control my asthma but I rarely use topical medication to manage my skin. Exactly for the reasons I have highlighted. However, a few nights ago I had such a bad flare that my sleep was affected. I was getting about three or four hours a night and when that started to occur my overall health suffered.

How am I treating my current flare up?

Right now my skin is flaring badly on my hands and wrists. The skin has become lichenified. There are cracks and cuts which are so sore and painful. The only thing that helps is moisturizer but if I use too much, the itchiness becomes unbearable and I end up tearing my skin to bits. Yesterday, I succumbed and used some topical steroids. Just to blast the worst of it away. My skin is now affecting my life in terms of sleep which is why I have resorted to steroids.

Where will eczema treatment go from here?

Things have changed so fast in recent times. Medical advancements have meant that people can try out different medications for their skin. That said, the majority of eczema patients are still using traditional medications to manage their skin. I wonder what will be the next big drug to come out. Where does eczema treatment go from here? Where will we be in another decade or two? I really hope by then that the data around the bio treatments will be strong. I am tired of using the usual medications. They are a sticking plaster, and this is not really ideal for people who suffer full-time from this disease.

If anyone has had more experience with bio drugs please feel free to comment below.

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